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Cima TechUntapped

Cima TechUntapped



Cima’s TechUntapped event series is about connecting IT and business professionals together over local craft beer, hand-crafted cocktails, tasty eats and great company. We'll be setting up shop at many local breweries and distilleries in the area. We'll occasionally bring in a really interesting guest to share with our TechUntapped group. With that said though, you won't find any sales pitches or boring presentations here! Grab a guest, grab a drink, and join us on our path to Fermenting IT as a Service.

Upcoming Events:

  1. December 8th - Christmas TechUntapped @ Witherspoon Distillery - Lewisville, TX

Past Events:

  1. November 17th  -TechUntapped @ Craft Pride - Austin, TX  (INNOTECH After Party)
  2. November 16th - TechUntapped @ Lost Forty Brewing - Little Rock, AK
  3. October 20th - TechUntapped @ Cobra Brewing Company - Lewisville, TX
  4. September 4th -TechUntapped @ Texas Longhorns vs Notre Dame Tailgate
  5. September 1st -TechUntapped @ Shannon Brewing Co w/ Google - Keller, TX
  6. August 18th - TechUntapped @ Craft Pride - Austin, TX
  7. July 21st - TechUntapped @ Craft Pride - Austin, TX
  8. June 21st - TechUntapped @ Oil Horse Brewing Co.  - Tyler, TX
  9. June 15th - TechUntapped @ Audacity Brew House - Denton, TX
  10. June 16th - TechUntapped @ Zilker Brewing Co - Austin, TX
  11. April 27th - TechUntapped @ Haymaker - Austin, TX
  12. April 13th - TechUntapped @ Grapevine Craft Taproom - Grapevine, TX

Where are we heading to next? Are we checking out a new craft brewery in town or on the hunt for something with a little more bite in a distillery? Weigh-in and help us lock down the next TechUntapped.

Suggest the next TechUntapped!